for advanced riders

The V7 PARK Completes are now available in three colours Neochrome and Black/Bluechrome. Special features: The new anaquda grips are now fitted to all anaquda Complete scooters, including the new V7 PARK. At a length of 16.75 cm, the grips offer comfortable handling and a high-performance grip. The pair comes with hollow bar ends that match the lines of the grips. The new anaquda Flexbrake V8 comes with a curved design to keep the shape of the wheels. Extra cool look with the engraving of the snake’s head. In summary, the V7 PARK Complete from anaquda is a professional level scooter that combines aesthetics and design and is perfect for skatepark enthusiasts. Note: The height of the handlebar can be shortened with a hacksaw.
229,00 €

about the scooter

• Deck: V5 Integrated | L: 50 cm | W: 12 cm
• Headset: anaquda Integrated
• Fork: anaquda V5 Fork
• Clamp: anaquda Atrax SCS Clamp
• Bar: anaquda VT Bar | H: 60 cm | W: 58 cm
• Grips: anaquda grips
• Brake: anaquda Flexbrake V8
• Wheels: anaquda Disc Wheels V2 120 mm
• Griptape: anaquda V7 Park
• Colors:
neochrome and black/bluechrome
• Weight: 3,95 kg
• Total height: 89 cm