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Swirl Grips
The new anaquda Swirl Grips provide comfort and cushioning. With a length of 16.75 cm, the Grips give a super feeling and a strong grip. The pair has hollow bar ends and thus fits perfectly to the lines of the Grips. The Grips are available in the colors black/red, black/turquoise and black/white.

11,90 €

16,75 cm

Handle Grips
The anaquda handlegrips provide comfort and cushioning. For 16,75 cm in length, the handlegrips provide a pleasant touch and a high-performant grip. The pair comes with hollow bars-ends to match the lines of the grips.

9,90 €

about the grips

• Lenght: 16,75 cm
• Diameter: 31,5 mm
• Thickness: 6 mm
• Bar-ends: included
• Weight: 67 g / per grip
• Colors: black, blue, green, red and transparent