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V5 Decks
The V5 series is characterized by bigger dimensions with a width of 12 cm. It is available in 3 length: 50, 53 or 57 cm. Based on the demands and expectaions of the team riders, adult feet now have considerably more space. The new V5 series uses T6 aluminium. This enables anaquda to use a new mould for a more lightweight inside structure. The deck shows up very stable. The larger contact surface of the deck plate provides you absolute control and better grinds. The headtube length was changed to 10,5 cm to make the deck more compatible with other spare parts.

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About the deck


• Material: 6061-T6 alloy, with T4 and T6 heat treatment after welding
• Headset: for intergrated headset
• Headtube: 10,5 cm
• Lenghts: 50/53/57 cm
• Width: 12 cm
• Thickness: 2,9 cm
• Colors: Black / Bluechrome
• Brake: Flexbrake in black
• Widht: 1,3 kg in 50 cm


V5 Decks