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V8 Decks

The new anaquda V8 deck remains true to the typical anaquda design. Also with the V8 deck we rely again on high-quality T6 aluminum, stable and light at the same time! The front of the V8 deck is closed, the entire deck very high quality workmanship and the head tube decorated with a cutout in the form of the anaquda logo. The V8 deck comes in three classic colors with the usual width of 12cm. With flying tricks you show on the bottom the special eye-catcher: the anaquda lettering.

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Material: T6 aluminum, brushed
Headset: for integrated headsets
head tube: 10,5 cm
Length: 50 cm
width: 12 cm
height: 2,9 cm
Color: black / raw / white
Brake: Flexbrake in black
Weight: 1,32 kg