anaquda Master Series (AMS)

Discover the anaquda Master Series (AMS) – the ultimate stunt scooter collection for demanding riders who want to take their passion to the next level. With our years of experience and unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, we present stunt scooter parts that meet the highest standards.

The anaquda Master Series (AMS) is the result of extensive research, cutting-edge technology and genuine passion for the sport of stunt scootering. Each product in the AMS collection has been specifically designed to provide the best possible performance and control during tricks and stunts. Equipped with the highest quality materials and the latest technology, AMS scooter parts are designed for durability and reliability to provide the ultimate riding experience.

The anaquda Master Series includes a variety of products, all perfectly tailored to your riding style and abilities.

Be enchanted by the stunning looks and individual designs of the anaquda Master Series (AMS). Each item in the collection is uniquely designed with attention to detail, so you can express your personal style on the scooter park.

Visit one of our dealers and experience the anaquda Master Series (AMS) for yourself and let the quality and performance of the AMS parts convince you.

DECKS, Forks and wheels

Discover the


starting from

For Big wheels

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BLade CORE technology

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The project

a new vision

Tested over months all over Europe, the anaquda master series purpose is to offer quality products thought by riders to allow versatile and comfortable riding.

More foot and grind space, wider wheels and forks, two different deck lenghts : we did it all - always for a fair price.

Designed to explore

We took the AMS products to the streets of London, Eindhoven, Lyon, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Rotterdam and we still exploring to this day.

aesthetic - robustness

Detail matters

Since our very first metal core wheel, it was always about making riders life's easier. Years later we still design the same way our products.

Detail matters : shortened and curved flex-brake, built-in screw locker in the fork and deck-ends shaped with the deck's concave.