About anaquda

About us

Designed in Hamburg
Created in 2011 in Hamburg – Germany, anaquda is about quality products, thought by riders, for reasonable prices.
We started almost a decade ago to produce scooter parts focused on big ramps riding and aerial tricks. Here during the Winter, in Northern Germany, the days are really shorts and its often wet outside.  Most of the riders are riding indoor, that’s why we have such a big skatepark riders scene.
Since we have team riders over Europe that have a different riding vision, along with the sport evolving, we tend to expand our product line to please the whole community.

What do we do ?

We offer scooters parts going from beginner to the expert level. We help the new generation with Infaction Camps, we travel around Europe to discover new places to ride to, we organize an annual contest in Hamburg and we support scootering events.
Dorian Mirou by Théo Chevalier

Once upon a time : a metal-core wheel

" Riders needed more scooter wheels, so from this point on, we said :
come on, let’s do it ourselves. "


From Speedskates
« My partner Sven and me started Funsportwelt, our local shop in 2008 in Hamburg, Germany. Back then, I was doing marathon on speedskates, it’s a very cool sport, you work on your endurance and you can get very fast. The pros are going like 40 km/h, so you need high quality wheels and bearings. That’s what we were selling back at that time, speedskates and roller-blades.


Do Our Own Products
Like in any other sports, we were always looking for new materials. From this passion we started to do our own product : bearings and then wheels. It was a good success and the beginning of the Funsportwelt products.


The Click
The shop getting bigger and bigger, with customers not only looking for speedskates, we added new products to the shop. And one of this product was : freestyle scooter. We were one of the first German online shop for freestyle scooters : stunt-scooter.de We were distributing some other scooters brands but the supply of wheels was not good at that time. Out of stock situations, quality issues and riders were not happy. We had the knowledge from speedskates wheels poly-urethane and bearings, and the funny fact is : scooters and speedskates wheels are the same size. Riders needed more wheels, so from this point on, we said : come on,  let’s do it ourselves.


The concept - the beginning
When our first scooter wheel came out it was a major success : the riders liked it because we sold it for a very good price and good quality. In addition we pre-installed the bearings. That was an advantage for the riders. Quality – fair prices – designed in Hamburg. From this little wheel and the concept of making the riders life’s easier, anaquda was born. »
Jona Fuchs

Behind the brand

Our Team
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Jona Fuchs


Project Manager, Product Development

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Sven Eilers


Administration, Finance, Distribution


Questions ?

E-Mail: info@funsportwelt.de

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