perfect for beginners

Cobra Completes
The anaquda Cobra Complete is the perfect freestyle scooter for beginners and advanced riders. Coming in 3 new colorways, the Cobra features the new 16,75 cm super soft handlegrips and the new Double Clamp with M8 bolts for a better tightning. To preserve the wheel PU, the new V8 Flexbrake with a curve design is bolted on the deck. As always, the high-quality ball bearings with RS sealing are mounted on the anaquda wheels.
149,90 €

About the scooter

• Deck: Integrated | L: 50 cm | B: 12 cm
• Headset:
 anaquda Integrated
• Fork
: anaquda V5 HIC Fork
• Clamp:
 anaquda Double Clamp
• Bar:
 anaquda HT-Bar | H: 60 cm | W: 58 cm
• Handlegrips:
 anaquda Grips 16,75 cm
• Brake:
 anaquda Flexbrake V8
• Wheels:
110 mm anaquda metal core
• Griptape:
anaquda Cobra
• Colors:
green/black – blue/black – black/red
• Total weight:
 3,7 kg
• Total height:
 84,5 cm